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"A designer's garden that rather wonderfully, does not feel designed"

Shirley Lanigan in Gardens of Ireland, 2017.

Fruitlawn Garden is open to the public by appointment. The garden has a great range of unusual plants, some of which are also for sale.


These have been grown on from plants collected by and given to Arthur over the course of his career from across Ireland and England, including many from his childhood home Beech Park in Clonsilla.

"If you could design a life for yourself, a perfect country home, with a beautiful garden and an artist’s studio in the back, a welcoming kitchen and plenty of room for visitors, it might just look something like this."

'Our House' in, 2017.

"A charming Irish country garden to put on your must-see list."

Fionnuala Fallon, 'Best Gardens to Visit This Summer' in The Irish Times, 2017.

Open Days 2024


+  June 30th 

+  September 15th

The Nursery


Browse our plants list here.

Visit Fruitlawn

Another year, and all signs point to a season rich in blossom and growth.

Early plants like Blackthorn, Dandelions, Flowering Cherries and Cowslips have flowered profusely.

There has been a fantastic surge in interest in gardening over the past couple of years so we are once again preparing for a busy summer of Garden Tours and Open Days.

As a shifting constellation of self-seeded gems make themselves at home, Arthur invites you to come and experience Fruitlawn's evolving character for yourself.

The Open Days welcome visitors to Carol and Arthur's home and private garden - A view inside the artist's and garden designer's universe located outside Abbeyleix, Ireland.

Read more about it here and here

Plan of Fruitlawn

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Open Days 2024

Sunday, June 30th


Sunday, September 15th

10:00 - 17:00

We have a full stock of unusual and beautiful plants for sale in the nursery at bargain prices. Delicious teas will be available as always.


Entry is 7€. Get Directions here

Making Fruitlawn

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