Arthur Shackleton




The Grange is a fine period house in the middle of County Laois which is being lovingly restored and improved by its new owners.

A loop containing a series of allees has been created leading off from the house. The structure for these walks has recently been put in and trees, including lines of young Dawn Redwood planted.
A grass tennis court has been incorporated in the design with an ornamental pond close by to assist with drainage. This is a project which will be thoughtfully and carefully developed over the next few years and I look forward to being involved. 



Restorative work on the garden at Dromoland Castle Hotel in Co. Clare has been happening for some years. This includes both around the castle itself and in the walled gardens, with the latter having been extensively redesigned and replanted. A close relationship with the head gardener over the years helps keep the gardens in prime condition with constant improvements and new areas added. This has proven to be crucial in order to cater for the large number of visitors received at the gardens throughout the year.


Ashford Castle

Ashford lies in the West of Ireland just over the border from Galway into Mayo beside the village of Cong. The Castle was originally built in 1228 but the gardens as they exist today were laid out around 1860 by Lady Ardilaun (of the Guinness family).
The gardens were restored in 1996-8 under the ownership of a Consortium. I was in charge of that work so it is appropriate that the present restoration and improvements of the gardens are also under my care.
The gardens cover approx.100 acres,a lot of which is woodland with long walks radiating out from the Main Parterre by the castle. The Main Parterre overlooks Loch Corrib. A walled garden which has been restored and is now full of flower borders, fruit trees, vegetables and other delights.
We plan to create some new garden buildings for the hotel guests to explore and relax in around the gardens.Looking after the existing trees is a major concern as many of the trees are now mature and need surgery or in some cases felling. We will be planting more trees to replace these.

The gardens are now in very good hands and will be well cared for and improved like the Castle buildings themselves. 


Butler House

Originally part of the Kilkenny Castle Estate, Butler House lies in the middle of the historic city. In 2000, with sponsorship from the Kilkenny Civic Trust, the accompanying 1/2 acre Georgian walled garden was redesigned with the aim of opening it to the public. An old orchard along with a few other established plants were retained in the new scheme that balances formal topiary lined paths with looser informal perennial and shrub planting and modern sculptures. At the garden's heart, nestled within a ring of Sophora japonica, is a circular pool surrounded by the inscribed stone pieces from the original plinth of Nelsen's Pillar blown up by the IRA in 1966. My job, in addition to the design, was to oversee and implement the work being done. More recently a perennial border has been planted beside the orchard. 



Capard house is located in the middle of Ireland on the edge of the Slieve Bloom Mountains. The garden has been established for the most part over the past twenty years using the existing framework of trees, walled garden and other features which remained from the original gardens. The house was built in the early nineteenth century. I have worked closely with the owners in the restoration of the walled garden, making woodland paths and doing a huge amount of tree, shrub and perennial planting. We have taken advantage of the acidic soil and the temperate conditions to plant some more unusual and exotic varieties. I visit on a regular basis advising and consulting with the owners and training the young gardeners to maintain and look after this large garden.


Grattan Lodge 

Grattan Lodge lies near the canal in Vicarstown, Co.Laois. It was built in the late 1900's by a relation of Henry Grattan. It is a fine Victorian house but was in poor condition with no garden when we bought it in 1988.

An avenue of Lime trees leads up to the house. This is now an impressive sight, the trees making an arch over the driveway. The garden was designed around the house, making use of the fine stone walls and yards to create different areas of interest, an enclosed pool garden,double borders of Phlox and Asters, a Herb Garden, and large perennial borders. Hedges of Hornbeam,Yew and Box give structure and shape to the whole garden. An old greenhouse was restored and is central to the garden layout. The garden contains a large collection of both beautiful and unusual plants so there is plenty to stimulate the eye of the casual onlooker as well as the more discerning visitor.